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Dr. Drew After Dark

Please be advised. Dr. Drew After Dark may contain Sexually Oriented Content, and may be unsuitable for young Children. 

Dr. Drew Pinsky is a board certified internist and one of America’s most trusted physicians.  On Dr. Drew After Dark, he’ll share his professional opinion about all of the weirdest stuff on the Internet.  He’ll also analyze video clips, answer questions from viewers and welcome a variety of comedians, who will also be dissected on the spot!  This podcast will allow Dr. Drew to shed some light on the dark side.   Intended for mature audiences."

Aug 27, 2020

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Main mommy Christina P joins Dr. Drew this week and they get INTO it! They touch on the homelessness issue in Los Angeles, Dr. Drew's relationship with his father and dealing with narcissism and psychological manipulation growing up, as well as the different stages of growing up. We answer your emails and voicemails on varying topics such as UTI's, recurring hemorrhoids, HPV vaccines, whiting with pain, female libidos, male g spots, and so much more! Christina also shows Drew some fun videos of a guy getting embarrassed about browning in a garden, a British Karen, Tony Johns's thoughts on COVID and some amazing TikToks curated by Christina herself!